Maasai are among the poorest tribes in East Africa, the Maasai people have proudly maintained their traditional lifestyle. In the process of preserving their culture, however, they have embraced a system where cultural pressures against women’s education are nothing short of overwhelming.
We’re partnering with the Maasai community in Tanzania to create a quality school that is a road to hope and a future for the Maasai. This is particularly a need for Maasai girls who traditionally are given no voice and few options.
MAASAI COMMUNITY SUPPORTING PROGRAMMEOur goal is, having received a well-rounded education of mind and heart, these students will return to their communities to be leaders of positive change while nurturing respect for their people’s rich history and culture.
We work with local organizations to help disadvantaged girls access education and avoid early marriage, and to provide medical treatment for children whose parents cannot afford it. With your support, we can help more even young people survive and thrive.
Tanzania On Foot is committed to providing active and progressive supports in the communities within the areas in which we operate.

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