4X4 Extended Safari vehicles

Tanzania On Foot Company is one of the very few safari tour operators in Tanzania that still owns and operates our own fleet of custom built safari vehicles.

Our safari vehicles with the hatched roof for shade against sunny African wilderness; are the extended body with roomy seats for comfortable sitting and stretching out legs. Every guest is accessible to the window seat. Cars are also fitted with fridges, power charge sockets and VHF radio calls for easy and fast communication with the base office. A vehicle is only as good as the driver and drivers are excellent. Each one is custom designed with an extra large photographic roof hatch, extra dust proofing, comfortable seats with seat belts and canvas covers, first aid kits, binoculars, a selection of field guides and a cooler stocked with bottles of mineral water supplied by Tanzania On Foot Company at no additional cost. Every safari vehicle carries a maximum of six passengers so that every passenger is guaranteed a window seat and access to the photographic roof hatch at all times during the safari. Every Tanzania On Foot Company vehicle is equipped with a long-range radio system linked to our head office in Arusha. Every safari vehicle is serviced after each safari.

Driver guides are all trained naturalists who have more than five years experience with us, they know their way around the parks and are skilled at spotting and identifying wildlife. They are also trained to prepare delicious picnic lunches in the bush so that you can maximize your game viewing opportunities.
Game viewing from the vehicle is one of the core activities of a wildlife safari. Drives are conducted in the morning and evening, but depending on the time of year and weather conditions may extend throughout the day. It is often best to head out for a game drive very early after a quick cup of coffee and a muffin, returning later for a leisurely breakfast. Alternatively, a camp breakfast could be followed by a long morning game scouting drive with a picnic carried along and eaten whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Safari Group JoiningEvening game drives are generally very rewarding, and it is during these times that we expect the best light for photography and enjoying the ever magnificent African bush scenery.


We are the premier outfitter for climbing Kilimanjaro and Meru; the company is operated by Tanzanian professional and experienced Mountain guides.
We offer tailored made safaris, wildebeest Migration Safaris, Walking Safaris, Cultural Tourism Safaris, and Zanzibar Beach Vacations.
In Tanzania, there are many opportunities for exploration on foot and exploration into the far-flung ‘wilds’. We focus on protected and unique areas that have been earmarked for conservation based on flora, fauna and cultural diversity. These areas can lie within zoned national parks, conservation areas, game reserves or even be a remote village that offers stunning landscapes or wildlife viewing opportunities. Read more


Main Office

Arusha – Tanzania

Phone : (+255)768-664-007

Email : info@tanzaniaonfoot.com

Moshi Office
Moshi- Kilimanjaro Office

Phone : (+255)768-122-054

Email: william@tanzaniaonfoot.com

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